"Freemasonry is a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols."

"So it has always been that allegories, intended as vehicles for truth, to be understood by the sages, have become or bred errors, by being literally accepted."
- Morals & Dogma - pg 205 Royal Arch of Solomon - 13th degree

"This is the first of the Philosophical Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite; and the beginning of a course of instruction which will fully unveil to you the heart and inner mysteries of Masonry. Do not despair because you have often seemed on the point of attaining the inmost light, and have as often been disappointed. In all time, truth has been hidden under symbols, and often under a succession of allegories; where veil after veil had to be penetrated before true Light reached, and the essential truth stood revealed."
- Morals & Dogma - pg 246 Knight of the East and West - 17th degree

" The method of indirect suggestion, by allegory or symbol,is a more efficatious instrument of instruction than plain didactic language; since we are habitually indifferent to that which is aquired without effort... employing ...universal symbolism instead of technicalities of language, inviting endless research, yet rewarding the humblest inquirer, and disclosing it's secrets to every one in proportion to his preparatory training and power to comprehend them."
- Morals & Dogma - pg 355 Chief of the Tabernacle - 23rd degree

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