Mike Kemp is the founder of The Gadsden Minute Men, Militia - Alabama and has been a member of my Reality101 Yahoo group for several years.

A while back he mentioned his involvement in exposing the BATFs (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) "Good O' Boy Roundups" which were being conducted annually.

I did some research on it myself, and decided that this story needed to be brought back out of the dustbin of history, and seen in bright daylight again.

I've asked Mike to allow me to post what happened in his own words on this blog. I've also added some links to other articles which I found. This is his story:
"In the spring of 1995, the leadership of the Gadsden Minute Men, in Gadsden, Alabama were investigating ways that they might conduct proactive and offensive operations against unlawful actions of government.

This was in the aftermath of the murders and other lawless governmental actions at Ruby Ridge, and at Waco.

Then the federal Murrah Building at Oklahoma City was destroyed.

As subsequent analysis demonstrated, this held the earmarks of a governmental attempt at gaining leverage on the burgeoning 'militia movement'.

The founder of the Gadsden Minute Men was a chemist and engineer with extensive explosives experience, and the immediate analysis precluded the use of a very low brisance explosive such as ammonium nitrate/fuel oil.
Brisance is the 'velocity of explosion', and while low brisance explosives can cause a lot of 'push' from their detonation, the low velocity of the explosion prevents such a compound from shattering or severing steel columns.

In order to sever heavy structural steel, a very high velocity explosive must be employed.

Further, the effects of an explosion spread (and diminish with distance) like the ripples in a pond produced by dropping a pebble into the water. An overhead view of the damage instantly disqualifies ammonium nitrate as the agent of the destruction, because in a deep inset 'notch' in the damage, a very heavy structural column had been severed, while much lighter structural columns which were much closer to the truck bomb were left standing. This was positive evidence that some means other than an ammonium nitrate/fuel oil explosive was employed.

Interestingly enough, the first efforts of law enforcement focused on various 'John Does', with strong suspicion of a Middle Eastern connection.

Recognizing that this event was to be used to put a damper on the growing militia movement, the Gadsden Minute Men went into high gear to discover a way to set the government effort back on its heels. The discussions cycled around various ways and means of 'catching the government with its pants down', and one of the members present chuckled, and said 'wanna see a video?'

This member had recorded the video with his personal video camera, and it showed the entrance to the picnic in an earlier year, and most prominent was the banner over the entrance which read: NIGGER CHECK POINT - ANY NIGGERS IN THAT CAR?? and, further, offered 17 cents a pound for 'field dressed and boned nigger meat'."
"That member is a disabled former law enforcement officer, who came to realize the unconstitutionality of his former occupation.

He had been an invited guest at an annual picnic organized by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms-- commonly known as the ATF.
The picnic, a weekend-long affair which had been conducted for 20 years, was known as The Good O'Boy Roundup. It was characterized by overt and extreme racism, drunkenness, and various and sundry vulgar and demeaning activities by those attending. The event took place on the Ocoee River in southeastern Tennessee."
Federal Cops Hold Racist Summer Camp

"There were cops of various sorts from all over the US, plus a Canadian contingent who regularly attended. While it proved impossible to find definitive evidence, there were strong indications that various political and other personages from the federal as well as other governments, US Attorneys, politicians, judges, and other governmental sorts had been visitors to the event.

Highlights of the event included the 'Redneck of the Year' competition, where various attendees performed skits, of a racist nature, in the attempt to produce the most offensive display.

Competitors did such things as dress up in the fashion of a Biblical patriarch, and throw down a watermelon on stage, and then produce a black baby doll, allegedly from the wreckage of the watermelon-- depicting the 'birth of the black race'.

Another pair of competitors, one in blackface, and one in Klan robes with a fake phallus, performed rather disgusting displays of simulated sodomy on stage.

Members of the Gadsden Minute Men attended the 'Roundup' on the third weekend of May, 1995, using their current or former status as law enforcement, and took various photographs, one depicting an event called 'chicken shit bingo', where a giant bingo card of painted plywood was placed under a floor of chicken wire, and the spots on the bingo card were purchased by players, the money put into a pot, then a chicken was tossed up on the chicken wire, over the bingo card, and when the chicken defecated, landing on a spot on the giant bingo card, the owner of that spot on the card 'won' the pot."
"Various photos were taken, one of which captured a drunken cop with a hat holding two cans of beer, each with straws for ease of access to the beer by the wearer of the hat.

Small business-card sized novelties were freely available, styled as 'Nigger-Hunting Licenses', stated to be good 24/7/365, with no bag limit, authorizing the bearer to 'hunt niggers', with or without dogs, during the 'upcoming roundup' of blacks in the US.

Safely making their retreat, this information was examined and analyzed, and then began the search for a suitable news outlet to disseminate the information. First, it was written up, and sent to all the normal recipients of the Gadsden Minute Men newsletter, which included offices of the ATF, the FBI, the local sheriff, and all county officers. Further, a local talk radio station in Gadsden provided an hour in afternoon drive time for the discussion of the event.

But no media outlet showed any interest whatsoever. A reporter for the Birmingham News, specializing in coverage of militia activities.... and the local crime beat... interesting correlation-- stated 'what am I supposed to do with it?'

It was further shopped around, without even a nibble. However.... this was the period of time when the NRA was in hot water, because their Vice President, one Wayne LaPierre, had recently called the ATF 'jackbooted thugs'. Their annual convention was upcoming, and a member attended, and offered the information on the Good O'Boy Roundup to the NRA. They immediately snapped it up, but were soon afflicted with a major case of cold feet, realizing what impact it would have.

So, they passed it along to a reporter for the Washington Times named Jerry Seper. He went to Ocoee, Tennessee, and did his own investigation, and it was easily enough confirmed. And, on July 11, 1995, the story ran front page, above the fold, in the Washington Times. And a pure firestorm ensued."

Articles from the Washington Times, the Philadephia Enquirer, and The Philadelphia Daily News:

"Our source of the video of the 'Nigger Check Point' banner appeared on Gordon Liddy's morning radio show, getting an entire segment. At the end of the segment, G. Gordon inquired if there was anything else his guest wanted to say-- and the response was, 'thanks to the Gadsden Minute Men for making it possible'. And of course, everyone listening thought 'what did he just say?'
That afternoon, I was the first caller up on Ken Hamblen's-- 'The Black Avenger'-- nationwide talk show. He was all ticked off about something to do with the feds, and ranted for a few minutes-- and then I came on. I told him to chill, that we had struck a mightly blow that day. He was baffled, and inquired what I was speaking of. I asked if he had seen the front page of the Washington Times that day.
He immediately sent an assistant off to get that front page, and I then informed him that the story was the result of a militia ambush of Unca Scam's 'regulars'. And then it was in the fan.
That evening, I was on every broadcast news outlet in the country-- ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN-- telling the tale, while wearing my ABOLISH THE ATF t-shirt. Subsequently, it was the lead story on ABC's station in the District of Criminals for two full weeks. It was on every news outlet worth mentioning, nationwide, print and broadcast, for weeks."

TIME Magazine article on The Good O' Boy Roundup:

"Immediately, the federal scramble began, and various ugly things happened-- including an absolutely hilarious scene in Chattanooga, where leadership of the Gadsden Minute Men met at the Marriot Hotel with a couple of federales-- who presented us with a subpoena for ALL the documentation gathered at the Roundup, and before.

This was supposed to be a 'surprise'. However, the REAL surprise occurred when the federales, upon leaving the conference room, found an attractive lady in the hallway. The first fed winked at her-- and was promptly shot square in the face with a 35mm camera. As memory serves, the fed in question was named Paul Benners.

He attempted to escape the deadly camera assault, but was shortstopped by a cameraman from a Huntsville, Bamaland tv station. He and his little fed buddy managed to tear themselves away from the further assault by camera, and dashed out into a driving rainstorm to their fedmobile, and finally made good their escape from the terrorists.

The subpoena turned out to be nothing but waste paper, since it was an 'administrative subpoena', not signed by a judge, but only by a bureaucrat, and only valid to members of the government. Their ploy failed, the Justice Dept. then attempted extortion, threatening the Gadsden Minute Men with an armed assault by federales if we didn't turn over all the documentation-- and every other scrap of information possessed by the Minute Men-- to the feds.
Good O' Boy Roundup Report - Executive Summary
And that collapsed, in the 'Siege in Attala', where the federales realized that to further assault citizens for nothing in particular would not play well, not in the current atmosphere. So, the feds made nice.
And the necessary information was turned over to Senate investigators, and was subsequently whitewashed by the 'Inspector General's Report' on the Good O'Boys. A few folks had their wrists slapped... and a lot of federal careers were ruined. My heart bled for them.
A bit later, I was photographed at a private meeting on private property, 'running' a MAC 10 fully automatic submachine gun, with a large suppressor-- 'silencer'-- attached to the front. A cascade of spent brass was visible in the air. Just for informational purposes-- the weapon and the suppressor were fully registered and licensed, and the owner was slightly off camera. This, and trespassers prowling in my back yard in the dark of night, were the basis for a raid by a platoon of SWAT with air support on my home, soon after. No 'illegal weapons' were found. What was found were a few ounces of cannabis."
Mike Kemp, Snitch Detector

"This provided, 18 months later-- after the locals managed, on their third try, to convince a local grand jury comprised of government employees to indict me on several drug-related felonies-- of charges, and I was taken to trial. Where I, acting in my proper person, convinced the jury that the cannabis found in my yard was for my own use, and they convicted me of a misdemeanor-- for which I was sentenced to the maximimum, a year in the county lockup.

It didn't quite manage to kill me-- I am a near-lifelong type one diabetic, and spent some time hospitalized-- and was, on occasion, even a bit of fun, for I was then in the faces of officialdom all the time. But all things considered, it was largely the end of an adventure, with many high, as well as low moments."
As you can see, the people who are trying to put a 'racist' label on the Militia movement are the racists themselves, and they are using that label to repel people from seeing what is really happening with the country.

Here is J.J. Johnson, the leader of the Ohio Unorganized Militia.  You need to hear what he has to say as he speaks to the US Senate:

More on JJ Johnson:
Other Good O' Boy Roundup related articles:

Who is the Militia? 

You are.

When you see wrong, it's your job to make it right.

 Thanks to Mike and the Gadsden Minute Men for setting a shining example for the rest of us.

by harry mobley 4/3/2010