Below are the pertinent parts of a couple of e-mails I received a few years ago from a gentleman in the Netherlands.

Here is a perspective from that area of the world.

The Merovingian Bloodline/ International Bankster families seem to have divvied up the world into their own private areas to control.

In America, we are under the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Windsor royal thumb.

In the Netherlands, it's the Dutch Royalty, so he's seeing things from that angle, but the pieces still fit together.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands ( a main founding member of the Bilderbergers):

Note that this website logo calls them
"The High Priests of Globalisation"

I edited out any personal references.
Please read:

"Dear Harry,
9-11 attacks, the Bali Bombings ... is a coup d'etat from wooden shoes and windmills kingdom

It is so simple but nobody seems to see it:

- it was the Dutch kingdom who first attacked with mariners civilian targets in history like the city Stockholm in Sweden. Stockholm was completely destroyed by fire....

- now the Dutch kingdom had two colonies being Indonesia and the United States of America...

- the financial interests of the Dutch kingdom in these colonies nowadays is enormous.......... The people are free but the money system is still in the hands of the Dutch kingdom............

- financially... nothing happens in these former colonies without the prior knowledge of the Dutch kingdom- so even attacks to trigger world events in former Dutch kingdom colonies will not happen without the prior knowledge of the Dutch kingdom

What is a European kingdom....:

- it is a 100's of years old massive institute- the institute is made of powerful bankers, industrials and media- a king or queen is "only a small window in a big building", a view for the people- the massive institute "kingdom" has many times more interests abroad than at home

The attacks:

- the 9-11 attack happened in a former Dutch kingdom colony, hence even in an metropolitan area where the Dutch (owners) and Israelis (helpers) are in full ownership / control

- the Bali bombings happened in a former Dutch kingdom colony called Indonesia, killing AUSsies, USsies and EUROsies and hence even a RABO-bank employee (medium Dutch bank, the man suddenly saw the real truth....)

Not a co-incidence:

- the Dutch kingdom is monetarily (ownership of US-$-dollar), and so political, still in major control in the USA....

- the bombings, necessary to launch an NATO-attack on Afghanistan (oil pipeline for Caspian Sea oil and Iraq, oil had to be paid in Dollars, not EURO's)..

- the NATO is an instrument of the European kingdoms

- the wife of the president of the republic Georgia (Russia) is Dutch

- head of the NATO is Dutch Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

- the head of Iraq is former Dutch ambassador in the Netherlands

- the ABN-AMRO-bank (Dutch bank and world financier of oil pipe lines) sets up the banking system in Iraq

- the Dutch British oil company SHELL puts the Caspian Sea oil fields in their books to prevent declining stock values

And the local politicians ??????...

Well they are kept busy with day to day problems... until they start sitting on a satellite and orbit the earth and start opening their eyes...

What I noticed is that the people in America, the complete continent, are in a big big power.... but what is that power ???

Now you have to dive in 100s of years of history where huge bilateral (financial) power networks are built up.

One big power is always at the top and that is.... European kingdoms (the world monetary owners).. due to their ancient colonial drive.... But now listen.... also those "beautiful looking kingdoms" have "dirty helpers....." and which ancient world tribe wants to help them monetarily ?????...

I give you some clues...:
they do not posses land after 100s of years of helping the European kingdoms they finally got a piece of land in 1948 the are very skilled and hardened bankers they do dirty jobs to set world moods. they tap off dollars annually from the USA-tax payers to finance their war with American weapons against their neighbours.

the UN is a organization from the brains of European kingdoms so is the NATOAnd Iraq + Afghanistan is attacked after the 9-11 attacks and the Bali, Indonesia attacks..... but they are former Dutch kingdom colonies where the Dutch kingdom has ENORMOUS FINANCIAL INTERESTS.

So nothing happens out there without prior knowledge of the DUTCH KINGDOM

all those e-mails you received went also to:
all dutch political parties
all UK parliament members
all Australian parliament members
all Spanish parliament members
all United Nations parliament members
about 1000 email addresses of world peace parties"

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