Image - The working Celtic cross measuring the angles of stars in the Ecliptic Zodiac

This article is called Ezekiel's Wheels to highlight the forgotten method of finding the sun's position at night and thus keeping the time. The missing method was by gearing two great imaginary spinning wheels of stars.

1. The wheel of constellations round the north celestial pole which the Egyptians called the Imperishable Ones, or Immortal Ones because they never entered the horizon.

2. The wheel of the Zodiac we are all familiar with that girdles the middle of the planet.

These two Zodiac's work as a clock and calendar, but only function in combination with the earlier discovery of the wheel or Celtic cross, a sophisticated yet simple ancient instrument of measurement, this natural clock is a missing piece in the puzzle of how our ancient ancestors achieved unexplainable alignments in construction and time keeping.

Everyone is aware in some form or another of the common zodiac inherited from the Greeks and the earlier one from the Egyptians, but no researcher to date has married the two zodiacs together, yet they are obvious.

This discovery of a second but interrelated zodiac is crucial since it is impossible to tell the position of the sun in an ecliptic zodiac sign by looking directly at the sun. Daylight obscures the sign because it is behind the sun on the other side of the solar system.

The North wheel had four divisions and four constellations, touched the earth and rose far above it, while the South Wheel had twelve divisions in which there were the Creatures that were the eyes of Time, the animal signs of the Zodiac which means wheel of animals. The Fire in the middle is the sun.

By establishing the position of the ecliptic pole at midnight using the serpent Draconis, our ancestors could discover the position of the sun in the Ecliptic Zodiac and establish both the date and the time as well as the Epoch.

Sunrise - Summer Solstice 2003

This photograph shows the sun rising at 04.15 am from Woodhenge near Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

Despite what you have been led to believe by some historians and researchers, our ancestors could not tell the position of the sun in a zodiac by the stars that could be seen before sunrise.

It is an impractical suggestion based on lack of practical understanding and real observation.

You cannot see the stars because of the daylight that precedes the sun as it approaches the horizon..

Our ancestors solved this by another method and that method was the realisation that it is noon all around
the world.

So the position of the sun on the next day was measured by the position of the serpent Draconis in the circumpolar zodiac on the preceding midnight.

Since the world spins at 15 degrees per hour, it was simple to predict the time of sunrise if the rising point of the sun was first determined by latitude calculations.

The Problem solved

To solve the problem of daylight time keeping with the zodiacs they had to make an imaginary model that overcomes it.

The model at right shows the motions of the planet and the sun in relation to the two zodiacs.

Again, this model is geared to one day, the day of the Summer Solstice 2003.

The Geared Wheels of the Zodiacs

Summer Solstice 2003

This is the Time Machine of Nature that our ancestors had when they told the hour and the date.

It is similar to the wheels in a clock mechanism.

The Decans of the Ecliptic Zodiac meshed with the Northern Zodiac and indicated the exact position of the sun as it moved at 1 degree a day through each ecliptic zodiac sign

What part of the northern wheel of stars was due north at midnight told them what day it was and what month that day was in.

In the example above the sun is between the earth and the zodiac sign behind it, on this day it is in the right hand of Orion(Osiris) between Taurus and Gemini.

At this time of the year you cannot see the sign it is in because it only faces us during daylight hours.
It is its opposite sign that you can observe looking at the night sky due south.

As the Northern Zodiac wheel rotated at the rate of 15 degrees per hour, they could measure what the minutes were.

The only device that could meausure the Northern Zodiac was the working cross, as the authors patents prove.

Working Celtic Cross

At top of page is an example of the working cross measuring the position of the sun at night by the angle of the constellations that rotate about the north pole.

Each constellation in the north zodiac has stars that are aligned to stars in the ecliptic or common zodiac.
By this method our ancestors could tell the time and the date.

Similarily they could measure the motion of the precession of the equinoxes and divide the 25,960 year cycle into 12 ages.

We are currently in the Age of Pisces, The time of Christ was at the end of Aries other wise known by its Egyptian name "Amen" or "Amun".

It seems that Time was God and not the Sun.

The Age of Amen commenced at the time of the building of the Great Pyramid of Khufu around 2,170 BC.
This technique of time keeping appears far older than the Egyptians and is extant in the Neolithic times.

The Plan of Stonehenge

Did our our Neolithic ancestors bring the star clock down to earth and measure time with the Serpent in the North?

The author thinks so, since the proper use of the zodiac's keeps time, place and distance , allowing them to travel the world and understand the nature of Time and its cyclical forces of order and chaos.

It would only be a simple matter of moving small markers around the clock face of the henge to keep accurate time and dates.

By measuring the position of the ecliptic pole, they could find the position of the sun both night and day and tell the time to within seconds as long as they had a simple viewing instrument marked in such a manner as to tell the angle of Draconis and with a plumbline to ensure that that the device was level.

The simple task of marking solstices and equinoxes would be but a crude interpretation of the full capabilities of an ancient henge and the enormous underestimated skills of these ancient peoples who respected the planet that was their home..

To see if the northern star clock works, go to
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