Interesting things I read concerning John Wayne in the book
The Day We Bombed Utah by John G. Fuller:

The Four Corners of Utah was site of many test nuclear detonations during the 1950s - possibly up to 300.

OPERATION TEAPOT was a part of these tests.

Estimates from exposure in St. George, Utah and nearby area up until 1969:

Cancer deaths from whole- body exposure-24,000 to 72,000
Deaths from bone cancer- 2,640 to 3,000
Deaths from bone marrow dose- 8,400 to 9,240
Total Deaths- 35,040 to 84,540
Genetic defects- 7,200 (serious) to 168,000 (total)

1954- RKO Pictures begins filming of The Conquerer- a story about Ghengis Khan- at Snow's Canyon, 12 miles west of St George.

Stars: John Wayne, Agnes Moorehead, Susan Hayward, and John's sons, Patrick-14, and Michael-17.

Well over 200 cast & crew members were involved.

Huge wind macines were used to kick up simulated sand/wind storms spreading strontium 90 and cesium 137 all over those involved.

Dick Powell, producer died of lung cancer-1963
Susan Hayward died of skin, breast and uterine cancer- 1975
Agnes Moorehead died of uterine cancer-1974
Michael Wayne recovered from skin cancer
Patrick Wayne had a tumor removed
John Wayne died of cancer- 1979

By 1979, 220 cast and crew members of The Conquerer had developed at least one form of cancer, 91 had already died as a result.

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