Back To School Time

Back To School Time

By now, all across the country, kids are back in school, paying rapt attention to their NEA and AFT trainers.

These students will be taught that individualism is bad, and that collectivism is good.

They will be taught unquestioning obedience to authority.

They will be taught to seek permission for each thing that they wish to do.

They will be taught that "It takes a village to raise a child", a global village.

They will be taught that the self is relatively worthless in the face of some "greater good."

They will be taught a twisted view of history, that distorts and diminishes the causes and results of the ongoing American Revolution.

They will be force fed all manner of mind-altering drugs, to make them ever more compliant.

They will be herded together in undefended buildings, providing easy targets for the next lunatic, which in turn furthers the agenda of tyrants.

They will be asked if their parents have any guns.

They may even be asked to tell the teachers where Mommy and Daddy store these guns.

They may be given intrusive physical examinations without parental permission, for their own good, of course.

They will be taught that all individual rights are granted by the government, and therefore subject to withdrawal by the government.

They will be taught that "A" only equals "A" if they feel good about it, because feelings are the only true "facts".

They will be taught that one man’s need is always another man’s obligation.

They will be taught that they are just a small cog in a much bigger machine.

They will be taught that The Constitution is meaningless and out-of-date.

They will be taught to be obedient soldiers, eager consumers, productive workers, and compliant citizens.

They will be taught to "shut up", "get in line", and "do as you’re told."

They will be taught to turn their minds off, and let their rulers think on their behalf.

They will be taught to pay their taxes, get the necessary permits, and do whatever the police officer tells them.

They will taught not to think.

They will be good slaves…

-Lee Miracle

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