THE BOOK GENESIS - Hidden Secret (The Golden Mean Spiral)

Maybe one of the least understood books of the ancient past is the book Genesis, the first book of the Holy Bible.

In the last two decades scholars have discovered that this book encodes hidden knowledge that must have been put into it deliberately. Only now at the turn of the second millennium have we reached a level of scientific understanding that allows us to grasp the hidden knowledge in this book.

The biggest secret of creation is hidden in the first sentence of Genesis.

In the original Hebrew version of the Bible, Genesis starts with the word Be-resjiet meaning ‘at first’ or ‘in principle’. It has been translated in modern versions of the Bible into ‘in the beginning’.

Everyone knows the starting phrase of Genesis however few know that the whole essence of creation was put into that first word.

We now know thanks to Stan Tenen’s work into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet and Daniel Winter’s additional research into the significance of the Golden Mean spiral, that the sacred Hebrew alphabet was designed with a clear intention to convey the very essence of creation and to teach later generations what the Be-resjiet, the principle of creation really is.

Independently Stan Tenen and Daniel Winter noticed that the characters of the Hebrew alphabet are projections of a ‘special form’ on the faces of a tetrahedron seen from different angles! However it was Daniel Winter who pointed out that this ‘special form’ is actually the Golden Mean or Phi spiral.

The Phi spiral describes the surface of the torus, the basic element of matter. Now if we put the Phi spiral inside a tetrahedron and then slowly revolve it around a pivot axis, and shine a light from behind the Phi spiral, all of the Hebrew characters will show up as the shadows on the inside face of the tetrahedron.

Hence, the characters of the Hebrew alphabet are the projections of a Golden Mean spiral.

Stan Tenen called the ‘special form’ in the tetrahedron ‘the flame letter in the tent’.

Flame letter in the tent and the first verse of Genesis

Now isn’t this amazing, the authors of Genesis quite deliberately wanted to convey this knowledge to future generations. All that was required was that we needed to evolve to a level of scientific understanding and sooner or later the significance of the scripture would be revealed. But what does it mean?

According to Daniel Winter, the angles needed to project the Phi spiral onto the face of the tetrahedron and create the Hebrew alphabet, are the same angles we need to rotate the doughnut torus such that they can be nested into each other according to the symmetry of the Platonic solids. This is exactly the recipe for constructing matter from torus shapes as described in the chapter 6 ‘Ether Vibrations’, paragraph ‘Implosion Physics’!

Even more remarkable is the fact that when the actual Hebrew character is pronounced out loud, it will take on the shape of the character.

Both Stan Tenen and Dr. Hans Jenny (Cymatics) independently indicated this fact.

Hans Jenny recorded the vocal expression of the letter on a plate of sand. The vibrations in the voice pronouncing the Hebrew letter caused the sand grains to take on the actual shape of the Hebrew character!

Obviously this hi-tech knowledge has been deliberately preserved in the Bible for future generations to discover.

The Hebrew alphabet is a manual for creating matter; it is a sacred language that has been intentionally designed. The third book of the Kabbalah the ‘Sephir Yitzirah’ mentions the story of God taking letters from the alphabet to create the world. For centuries we have ridiculed this idea and believed it to be a myth, but only now that we have reached scientific maturity we marvel at these words, as indeed the Hebrew alphabet seems to be the blueprint of matter.

We can now also make sense out of the first sentence in the gospel of John that states: John 1-1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God; 3 All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made”.

Given the fact that basic keys for the construction of matter are given in the first sentence of Genesis, we may now have another look at the mythical story of Adam and Eve contained within Genesis.

Let’s look at the basic building blocks of matter once more.

Left, the double vortex creating the torus on the right! It takes some imagination but have a look at the double vortex on the left, doesn’t it look like a tree? The bottom vortex are the roots, the top is the foliage.

This is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.
If we have a look to the right picture it is rather easy to see the apple, the torus is an apple shape. The snake that seduced Eve to eat the apple from the tree is the Phi spiral that perfectly describes the torus. The story of Adam and Eve, could well be references to the way the material world is constructed from the aether.

The fall from paradise started when from the Oneness of the Creator, his eternal consciousness, the aether, the first torus shape was created.

The first step in creation was at the same time the separation from Oneness. The fall from paradise could be explained as the separation from Oneness into the illusionary physical world of seemingly separate parts.

If the author of the book of Genesis possessed a thorough scientific understanding, the question is where did he get this knowledge?


  1. Dragon script introduced to program DNA or to brainwash it?

  2. mythical story?? ok i am a Christian and i believe the Bible is completely true. well other than that i do think its very interesting about the Hebrew alphabet being in matter. wow! seriously how can anyone be an atheist after finding this out? it cant get anymore obvious. even if you (who ever the writer of this article is) prabably think the Bible is just Spiritual and scientific symbolism, the fact that the Hebrew alphabet is in the makeup of everything i do believe and i think its amazing. so good point there.

  3. Aliens gave the ancient israelites the hebrew alphabet. End of story.

  4. FYI - The english word "alien", in the original Hebrew , translates to, " the God who is not ". This fact indicates why the atheist communists in the media use the word so repeatedly and often. The Hebrew language speaks directly to man's subconscious, so the lie of God's non-existence is being continuously,repeatedly, "pounded"(programed) into the listener's mind. The control-freak Jesuit astronomers conveniently state they are searching for "alien" life. Now you know why.

  5. "Alien" according to the law dictionaries i read refers to those who're not w/in the "king's" jurisdiction. We are the "aliens" who have fogotten our God like powers - God created us in his own image. The generational degeneration of our DNA has stripped us of our Powers to Be in the beauty of Truth and Love's Matrix: now, we are dependent for survival, weak and dizzy. hhd

  6. All said and done...good... I believe Almighty God exist since nobody has been able to show me who actually made me I will trust in HIM only... But that does not tell me to believe any lies in so called holy books which in turn teaches practicing of witchcraft and sorcery... I'm human I feel the presence of my maker within because we were human before imaginary so called holy books... I'm done.