It happened again today...

Yet another public official received an envelope containing and 'unidentified white powder' and a letter written in threatening language.

As usual, HAZMAT teams and cops with 'assault weapons' swarmed in, cordoned off the area, and set up decontamination tents. Also, as usual, it made headlines worldwide.

In today's case, it was New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

 A simple Google search for 'unidentified white powder threat' gives 12,800 hits.

I have to ask.. Why is this white powder never analyzed, and the results announced?

Let me answer my own question....

Because if it was, it would no longer be a threat.. and the threat is what is desired.

Without the threat, there would not be heightened security, raised 'threat levels', and an excuse for calling for more police state tactics and loss of freedoms.

Let's look back at where this started... back in 2001, one week after 9-11.

Envelopes containing anthrax spores were sent to the offices of Senators Tom Daschle, and Patrick Leahy.

Offices of ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, The New York Post, and The National Enquirer also received these anthrax letters.

In all, five people died, and seventeen others were infected.

Then an interesting 'discovery' was made...

The anthrax was identified as a military strain and had been traced back to the Government biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland. It became nicknamed 'Amerithrax'.

This was the same lab that gave us AIDS - which was developed as a human immune suppressor for warfare...but that's a future post, and will have to wait for another day...unless you want to do the research yourself now.

It took seven years to identify a patsy.... oops! I meant to type 'culprit' - Bruce Edwards Ivins.

Ivins was a scientist in the lab, who conveniently 'Arkancided' himself before arrest or making any public statement by taking an overdose of acetaminophen.

Of course, Ivins was identified as 'sole culprit', effectively shutting down the investigation.

If you want to dig deeper into what else has been discovered regarding Ivins, see:

Let's switch now to another white powder, cocaine, and I'll show you where I think this is headed.

Remember hearing for years that cocaine is on virtually every note of paper currency?

Now... let's suppose you wanted a cashless society... how would you get the public to accept it?

Let's face it. People love cash. They want to hold it and fold it and count it and hide some of it away for a rainy day in their mattress, or stuffed inside a sock at the back of their underwear drawer.

They love the smell and the feel, and the way it looks so pretty in a stack of new bills nestled all snuggly in your wallet.

They want to have something tangible. Unlike plastic cards with records of balances that you can't even see.

Balances which can disappear without a trace into the ether, and you can't do anything about it. 

Balances which can be deducted from without your permission when some agency decides to fine you for some transgression... like speeding, or having a hospital bill under the new National Health Care which is deemed higher than your alloted medical care budget, or as a forced tax for breathing too much and exceeding your carbon emission allotment

Your savings could vanish because someone accidentally pushes the wrong button, or a computer glitch, or because you say something which isn't politically correct with earshot of a sidewalk watching/listening post.

OK... so how do you get people to go to plastic, or to the subdermal implant chips which are now being set up to replace them?

You can't force it. That pisses people off.

You want to appear as a savior, or a hero - protecting them from impending doom.

You'd use The Hegelian Dialectic.... a tool for affecting 'CHANGE'.  It's also called problem/reaction/ solution. See how it works.

The  Goal:  You want to have a cashless society, but people want nothing to do with it

The Problem:  You announce the probabilty that there may be anthrax on the cash supply.

The Reaction: People become afraid of cash and refuse to accept it. Cash becomes worthless.

The Solution: You offer a cashless method of financial transactions... for which people are grateful.
View the future

I've been following the development of this plan for about seven years now....

It started out as DIGITAL ANGEL - which now seems to be the GPS tracking division for inventory, livestock, and humans.

The identification/medical division is called VERICHIP, which just changed it's name a couple of weeks ago to PositiveID because it was found and announced that these chips cause cancer.

The division which will control your bank account and your attitude was just acquired, and is called STEEL VAULT

This chip will be your identity, your medical card, and your bank account.

It will track you in real time every second of every day. It will tell where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing.

It will monitor, tax, and charge a transaction fee for your every purchase, and thanks to RFID chips on every product, will keep a running inventory of everything you buy and own. It will control you.

The new Health Care Bill everyone has been clamoring for will make all this possible, giving the Gubment real time access to your bank account.

Here's your change.

Still got hope?

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  1. i left the country several years ago...

    things arn't like this outside of the US. the looming fear factor is an american machine.

    any american who thinks they are free, needs to see his home from the outside.

    hope that adds some credence to your beliefs.