This is a look at the new IRS Headquarters Building in New Carrolton, Maryland

In front of the building we find the twin columns of Freemasonry,
Jachin and Boaz, with 13 stripes each, alternating black and white
- like the Lodge floor tiles.

Between these columns is a black pyramid with a white capstone.
Engraved is the Constitution - minus the Bill of Rights

On the base of one of the columns is a plaque reading,

"The Bill of Rights was not ordained by nature or God.
It's very human, very fragile."


  1. The pyramid says it all...

  2. Everything you know is there to protect us.

  3. freemasonry symbols in church buildings

  4. Fear the system that takes your money and spends it on things like this.

    Find me the law that requires me to pay taxes, and I'll start paying them.

  5. Astonishing information. Very succinct and fully on-point. Thankyou.

  6. yes to me that big pyramid says it all. Its like F u and your rights, they are nothing you are nothing, your our slaves and we control you. Well thats what it says to me. Very interesting times in the world atm, the plan is near its final stage, world war III is apon us, we must rid the world of the current dictatorship that enslaves us, free people from debt, the progoganda of the media the lies of the false democratic government.

  7. It's too late. And when the police state takes over those of us who have viewed things like this (and other things) will be the first to grace the new camps they've built for us. Uh... The survivors that is.

  8. Watch this video and notice that the hands are a chi kung method to spin charge between the hands.
    read DR. Pat Flanagans message.
    These hands seem to be doing the opposite of good. as the video explains what spin humans like. THank YOu

  9. cant believe the average person does not believe in conspiracies when it is in their faces, 911, sandy hook, boston bombing, beheadings, all these and more lies lies, the illuminati must have it real good,

  10. " We the people" was written by usurpers who had no authority to meet in secret....wait, that is what they still do with out authority.